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Learning Technologies Group offers large organisations a new approach to their learning and talent challenges in a world driven by digital transformation.

A complementary blend of service and product enables the Group to offer an integrated experience across the employee lifecycle. Working across recruitment, performance, learning, compensation, diversity and inclusion, compliance, succession, engagement and technical integration, LTG’s award-winning companies help their clients close the gap between current and future workforce capability.

A group of best of breed companies: LEO Learning, Eukleia, PRELOADED, gomo, Rustici Software, NetDimensions and PeopleFluent are trusted to transform organisations, receiving numerous awards for the results they achieve.

Our portfolio of brands represents the best in class individually but their combination is why LTG is acknowledged as an emerging market leader globally.

Content and Services

Software and Platforms

LEO Learning

  • UK, USA, Brazil
  • 192

LEO Learning is a learning technologies firm focused on working with international organisations to help them revolutionise their approach to learning. LEO Learning’s extensive experience and expertise has helped global businesses to transform their learning and deliver measurable business results.

Formed from the merger of the two UK leaders in learning technologies, Epic and LINE, LEO Learning benefits from more than 30 years of industry experience. LEO Learning’s unique blend of creative thought processes and deep technical understanding allow it to create truly innovative solutions for corporate and public organisations across sectors, from custom content and platforms, to strategy, consulting and measurement.

LEO Learning is headquartered in the UK, with offices in London, Brighton and Sheffield, with further sites in New York, Bloomington, Nashville and Atlanta in the US, and Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in Brazil.

Providing elearning content & services for


  • UK, USA
  • 44

Eukleia is a specialist Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) training consultancy. Eukleia creates engaging, accessible learning – either fully customised courses and materials, or ready-to-go courses that can be edited or taken as off-the-shelf content. Eukleia offers a wide variety of training solutions, including e-learning courses, face-to-face training, videos and games. It has offices in both London and New York, catering to an international clientele, which include many of the world’s leading financial institutions.

Founded in 2005, Eukleia has a strong financial services heritage and is proud to help many of the world’s leading investment banks create and deliver their global compliance training programmes. It also helps non-financial services firms manage their reputational and compliance risk in sectors as diverse as energy, clothing and motorsport.

Working with 9 of the top 10 European banks


  • UK
  • 21

PRELOADED is a BAFTA-winning full-service games studio, using the power of play to reinvent the way organisations connect with their audiences. PRELOADED makes games and immersive experiences (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality) that have purpose, and that place the user at the centre of the design process.

PRELOADED creates experiences that are designed to inspire and to educate, and to connect audiences with the stories and subjects that matter. Founded in 2000, it has collaborated with ambitious partners, such as LEGO, Tate, Google, HTC VIVE, BBC and the Science Museum.

Award winning games and immersive experiences


  • UK, USA
  • 11

gomo is a cloud-based, fully responsive HTML5 e-learning authoring, distribution and video platform. gomo provides three multi-award-winning products that allow learning professionals to create, host, update, distribute and track beautiful multi-device eLearning. gomo authoring creates truly responsive and adaptive HTML5 content that looks perfect on all devices, including desktops, tablets and smartphones. gomo hosting and analytics allows learning professionals to get content into the hands of learners instantly, via direct links, QR code, a learning app and the unique gomo LMS wrapper, amongst others – all with detailed built-in analytics. Finally, gomo’s video capabilities allow teams to capture, create, repurpose, enhance, translate, search and disseminate video content with speed.

Created in 2014 from in-house expertise at Learning Technologies Group companies, gomo is quickly establishing itself as the top choice for global organisations seeking collaborative, future-proof and responsive HTML5 multi-device e-learning.

Beautiful multi-device elearning authoring tool used by global organisations

Rustici Software

  • USA
  • 34

US based Rustici Software helps companies in the e-learning space work well together. As the world’s leading e-learning standards experts, Rustici provides the software and expertise to help companies create, distribute, manage and play e-learning-compliant content. Rustici actively supports the development of the Experience API (xAPI), cmi5 and SCORM in partnership with Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL), IMS Global and other leading trade organisations, and helped research and draft the first version of xAPI.

Since 2002, Rustici has assisted hundreds of Learning Management Systems (LMSs), authoring tools, Learning Record Stores (LRSs) and training content providers conform to the industry specifications. Along with vendor clients, a wide variety of organisations around the world use Rustici Software’s solutions today to solve various needs, including Military and Government services, Educational institutions and enterprise clients across a variety of industries.

The world authorities on SCORM and xAPI


  • UK, USA, Hong Kong
  • 83

NetDimensions is a global provider of learning management solutions, particularly for highly-regulated industries with large and complex compliance requirements.

NetDimensions provides companies, government agencies and other organisations with learning management solutions to personalise learning, share knowledge, enhance performance, foster collaboration and manage compliance programmes for employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

Rated the world’s top compliance Learning Management System (LMS), NetDimensions enables organisations to manage the entire learning and development process from enrollment and delivery to testing, tracking, certifying and reporting in a highly personalised, multilingual learning environment.

Established in 1999, NetDimensions is headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in the US and UK.

5.8+ million users worldwide


  • USA, UK
  • 250

As a market leader in human resources solutions for the digital enterprise, PeopleFluent helps companies close the gap between current and future workforce capability. We serve the global market, with specific capabilities for healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and retail. Our cloud-based software solutions adapt to complex and unique talent processes, while clarifying their strategic value.

Our Talent Productivity Platform unifies talent acquisition, learning and talent management into a single, collaborative experience that attracts the best candidates, helps managers make better decisions, and empowers employees to grow their careers.

PeopleFluent has worked with over 5,000 organisations in over 200 countries and territories to engage employees to drive better business results. Today, 50% of the Fortune 100 relies on PeopleFluent as part of their talent management delivery strategy, helping them successfully achieve their talent aspirations.

Talent management trusted by 80% of the Fortune 100


  • USA
  • 20

Associate holding: 27%.

Watershed is the world’s first open learning analytics platform that captures all of an organisation’s learning data. Based on the idea that learning happens everywhere, Watershed enables users to not only explore all their learning data in one place using a Learning Record Store (LRS), but also measure how learning programmes are impacting their organisations.

Spun out from Rustici Software (specialists in e-learning standards) in 2016, Watershed allows organisations to capture data in a world-class solution, made by the people who invented the concept. Watershed, of which LTG owns a 27% equity stake, is dedicated to changing the world of learning by helping corporate training and learning departments get more from their learning and development initiatives. This includes pulling data from a variety of sources to create a customisable learning analytics platform that measures training effectiveness and helps maximise investments in learning by showing business impact.

A learning analytics platform designed just for L&D

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